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Village Life...


Tour Days: Sunday

Last summer one of our most popular trips was “Village Life”. We were running this very unique excursion as private last year but after loads requests we decided to run this very special trip as regularly in 2023 summer. We just made the price very reasonable as £45 per person to let you all experience this beautiful day out with local villagers.

This is just an awesome experience to be witness of the life of the villagers.

You will be collected from your accommodations around 8:30 am and will head to village house where the village is just 20 minutes far from Dalyan.

When we arrive, a beautiful hearted landlady will welcome us with the ready breakfast table just under the big oak tree as they always get their meals there in the summer.

When we sit at the table, we just will smell fresh, homemade and all organic foods in the garden. The breakfast will be one of the highlights of the day like organic eggs, cheese, olives picked and made by landlady, fresh veggies picked from their own garden just before we arrived to village house and many more.

Just after our breakfast, we will head to village mosque to explore inside and join one of the classes of the children for a while. The teacher with big smiley face is always welcoming us with her all heart to her class. Whenever the children see us there, it makes them incredibly happy and they all just want to show us what clever students they are. After we chat some with the teacher and children we head back to village house once again to to pick our own vegetables from her garden to start to cook our lunch.

The highlight of cooking is, you will cook your own lunch with the ingredients of landlady with her own daily techniques that will make you get a real Turkish homemade cooking class. Don’t expect anything special, we just will cook our own foods as however she cooks, like on the fire in the garden, every day for her family.

The cooking class with the landlady will be full of laughter as she just treat us as her family.

After we cook and eat our lunch we will get some traditional Turkish coffee and chat about the village life with the family then head back home by our bus about 3 pm.

We just promise to let you make the most unforgettable memories to take back home on this very special excursion.

Under 13 years old children, it will be half price.

What to bring:

Ladies should bring a scarf or shawl to cover their hair for the mosque visit.

Whatever you get from us will just be the best ever.
Your happiness is our happiness

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